Friday, September 19, 2008

There was a garden

That's me Duncan I'm 12 1/2 now

The weeds under the palm trees are up past my shoulders. It's almost cool enough to go out and pull them up again, maybe next week. I know it's been a while since I've written. I've been commanding my place in front of the fan under the air conditioning vent all summer.

We had a garden. Where there was nothing, dry earth and weeds Mom worked it last spring and made a garden. She dug and turned big chunks of dirt over. She watered. We watched her from the driveway in the shade. It's a good four and a half Bassets wide and really, really long enclosed in a fence with a gate that she keeps shut. Of course we offered to help.
At every stage of it we thought it would be nothing but great fun! Here it is when the dirt was almost ready. She watered, soaking it good and we thought it would be the perfect time to help maybe flatten the pathway she made with the desert rocks.
Here is a view from the street. Way at the end there are three tomato plants.
Four rows of yellow sweet corn are just coming up to the left of the stepping stones, those four desert rocks all in a row. We were pretty excited about this.

All along the fence on the right and the curve of the rocks she planted wildflowers, sprayed them from a can, but it was windy for days after that and we think they are growing over on Robindale.

Mom put in the solar lamp that used to be in front of the house with three other ones, but we knocked it over a lot so we all think it looks swell right here next to the gate. Ay night it looks like fairies are having a party.

Next to it are the three tomatoes, Early Girl is the first one. It's small and in a cage because the day after Mom planted it we had 40 mph winds and it broke in half. She cut off the large broken part and put the little rest of it in the cage and hoped it would live.

The one in the middle, another caged one was supposed to be Sweet 100, that's what the label said. See how big it is already? The third one is going to vine on the ground like the Tomato Lady here says is best for growing tomatoes in Gates of Hell heat, actually Mom says that. She thought it sounded like a really good idea so we gave that method a try. The tomoato is Heat Wave and bred to enjoy the Las Vegas weather.

Here is entrance with one of rare times the is gate open. I believe just so she could take the photo. We watched her plant marigolds there to the left and put in the Squash post that her friend Debbie Bamberry made for her. Debbie live on the next street over and has a nice garden I'm told called Ladybug Lane. We still ahven't come up with a good name for ours yet.

More to come tomorrow. Mom's going to get dinner for us.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Helix's Palomino Valley Grace C.D. Therapy Dog

February 23, 1990 - September 11, 2001

Still Queen of our hearts

Monday, January 28, 2008

Little Pictures

Phoebe Pretty even on Mom's little phone camera

Hey, it's me Duncan.
Who would have thought you could ever take a picture with a phone!